Iman Fadaei, Co-Founder

Iman graduated with a law degree before setting up his own company, The Positive Ideas Company Ltd, in 2011.  He founded two businesses through this company.  One is Positive Web Design, which provides web services to a broad range of clients from UnLtd grantees, to Craig Bellamy to the UN.  His other business is Ethical Art, which sells fairly traded artwork from talented artists all over the world and every painting sold funds a child’s education in Tanzania.


Marten Wetterberg, Co-Founder

Marten is a professional coder and has worked in the industry for over 10 years.  His company, NyWeb, provides web services to clients from retailers to energy and shipping companies to non-government organisations.  Marten’s speciality is building complex online applications and platforms, interacting dynamically with websites.

Marten also founded PICOPTER, the Raspberry Pi-based 3D-printed drone.


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